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우리가족은 신라시대 경주 김씨의 왕족 후손으로 지금의 경상북도 벽진군(구 벽진성)에서 고려의 왕건을 도와 벽진 이씨의 성을 받으신    후삼국시대의 영웅호걸 벽진장군의 후손이랍니다 !

아빠와 엄마 동생 그리고 나= 이 주희 오손 도손 행복한 가족이랍니다.


In a Christmas-holiday  


동화속에 아름다은 우리 집은 언제나 가족이 즐겁게함께 있어요












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Father and Mother were married in October 9,1994


I was born in Seoul December 8, 1995 and my younger brother also was born in Seoul July 8, 1997.

 My father was born in Kyonggi-province in March 1, 1962, but he studied and graduated University, Graduate School in Seoul. My mother was originally born in Seoul. Her father and grandfather was also born in Seoul. 


Our forefather was a General Byeok Jin who was a hero and an important person in an Ancient Korean history and was a member of Royal family of an ancient Shillla Dynasty about 1000 years ago.

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